Carol | Chiropractic Assistant


Chiropractic Assistant

Carol joined the Mackee Chiropractic four years ago. She has been a Chiropractic Assistant for around 15 years and has learned a lot about how chiropractic can help individuals aged 0 to 100. Over the years, she has helped chiropractors in treating pregnant women and children with special needs, and learned how the practice can affect their overall wellbeing.

Carol’s two main hobbies are socialising and talking, a hobby that she finds ideal for her role as a Chiropractic Assistant. She has a wonderful husband and two beautiful and caring teenagers who, most of the time, inspire her with how creative they are.

“Over the years I have seen amazing results from chiropractic and the reward I receive each day is watching a person enter the clinic in discomfort and wanting relief on their initial consultation and over time seeing this person become a Mackee family member happy and able to live life to the fullest.”